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Sep. 2015: The project “MUSIC for 10 Loudspeakers” has evolved into a composition course at Sonic College..

The release "Quiet Works for Cello & Commodore 64" is currently sold out...

A b o u t

I have been composing electronic music for 15 years. I work with multi channel music, installations, computer game music, analog and digital synthesis etc. I finished my masters in Electronic Music Composition from DIEM (Danish Institute for Electronic Music) in 2011. I am now employed at Sonic College as course coordinator and lecturer

C u r r e n t

-Preparing a workshop for Kolding Dedsignskole.

-Working on a mechanical sequencing installation







P r o j e c t s

Release "Perlepladen" (2007)

Terfenol-D Beta-Speaker (2008)

Concert at the State Museum of Art (2008)

Sound Installation "21 Infants" (2007)

STMicroscope sound (2008)

Release cassette tape (2009)

Release "Quiet Works for Cello & C64" (2009)

+10kHz (2009)

4SpeakerResonanceSystem (2010)

AcousticOccurrences (2011)

AcousticOccurrences Haderslev (2011)

ElectroMagnetism Odense (2012)



"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

Douglas Adams, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe






E x c e r p t s

Terfenol-D Beta Speaker (short excerpt)

Sound Installation "21 Infants" (short excerpt)

STM-Microscope Calibration (excerpt)

Squares (short excerpt)

Headphone_Concert (short excerpt)

Video "Cello&Commodore64 (2009)






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